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B Golden is a product of Cleveland, Ohio. He has always been

a natural when it comes to music. With roots in the church he

has been a multi-instrumentalist and producer since the age of


     B Golden spent most of his musical career in the gospel

music arena but in 2018 began a career in R&B and soul.

     With elements of classic funk and soothing soul from yesterday and

today he has the ability to capture a room with his energy and

his musicianship. So far in 2020 B Golden has had three

releases. “Hopeless Romantic” an EP which included the

successful single “Dance with Me”, “Nights in London” a single

with 1970s quiet storm vibes, and his latest release entitled

“Skin” a single that takes us to the front lines of the racial

tension in America.

     The future looks very bright for B Golden as he grows and evolves in this industry

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